El Camino De Santiago


The Full Run – Roncesvalles to Santiago

Join us on Europe’s most fascinating Pilgrimage.

Ride with our small group as we follow the scallop shell posts pointing the way to Santiago, past Celtic huts, Romanesque bridges and the “mesetas of Leon”. Uphill climbs; winding downhill runs; the Camino de Santiago is a tour that gives you Spain in all its glory.

Cycling the Camino de Santiago is the ultimate off-road biking experience.  We make our way along the legendary 1,100 year old trail, tracing the footsteps of ancient travelers; St. Francis of Assisi and Louis VII.  Our destination is Santiago de Compostela, the city of the Apostle St. James.

Camino De Santiago



Day 1: Tour begins: We meet in Pamplona - Shuttle to Roncesvalles
We will meet you in Pamplona, then shuttle to Roncesvalles. There you will have a bike fitting, visit the 13th-century monastery, the customary starting point for the Camino, and pick up your credenciales; the pilgrims' passports. If time permits, you may opt to take a ride along the first stage of the Camino de Santiago which begins in St. Jean Pied de Port. It is not an easy ride but you may certainly ask to ride it to get the first stage in. This evening we get acquainted at our official Pilgrims welcome dinner at our hotel.
St. Jean Pied de Port – Roncesvalles 22.7 kilometers (Optional ride)
Day 2: Roncesvalles –Puente la Reina
Our journey begins with a downhill ride from Roncesvalles following the Arga River from Zubiri to Larrasoaña. Along the way, we'll pass through the charming little towns of Espinal and lush landscape along the Alto de Erro.

Roncesvalles-Larrasoaña 26,9 kms
Larrasoaña-Pamplona 19,5 kms
Pamplona-Puenta la Reina 19,0kms
Today’s ride: 65.4 kms ( 41 miles)
Day 3: Puente la Reina -Logrono
This morning we'll cross the river Arga again via the well know medieval bridge, and the Rio Salado via another medieval bridge called the Puente Medieval Ruinas before we reach the town of Estella. Today our route leads us to one of Spain's most important wine-producing areas, the Rioja. We make an important stop at the “fountain of wine” in Irache where all pilgrims are invited to take a small sample of wine. We continue to Logroño, the capital of the Rioja wine valley.

Puente la Reina – Estella 19,0kms
Estella – Arcos 20,4 kms
Los Arcos – Viana 18,5kms
Viana – Logrono 9.0 kms
Today’s ride: 66.9 kms (41.5 miles)
Day 4: Logroño – Santo Domingo de la Calzada
“Santo Domingo de la Calzada que canto la gallina después de asada”. Be sure to ask our guides about this favorite Camino de Santiago legend! Rolling hills and many little villages.

Logroño-Navarette 12,0kms
Navarette-Najera 14 kms
Najera-Santo Domingo 20,7 kms
Today’s Ride 46,7 kms (29 miles)
Day 5: Santo Domingo de la Calzada – Burgos
You are sure to enjoy this beautiful ride today as we cross the Oca Hills to the ancient city of Burgos, home of Spain's favorite son, El Cid. Our hotel is in front of the city's famous cathedral - one of the most impressive in Europe.

Sto. Domingo-Belorado 21,7 kms
Belorado-San Juan de Ortega 23,7 kms
San Juan-Burgos 22.8 kms
Today’s ride: 68.2 kms (42.6 miles)
Day 6: Burgos – Carrion de los Condes
History, art and legends abound on the route from Burgos to Castrojeriz. A popular refrain reflects how difficult it used to be to cross the swampy Urbel Valley which is now actually a pleasant 2 kilometer walk.
“De Rabe a Tardajaos,
no te faltaran trabajos,
de Tardajos a Rabe
!libre nos, Domine!”

Burgos-Castrojeriz 38.3 kms
Castrojeriz-Fromista 25 kms
Fromista – Carrion 19,2 kms
Today’s ride: 82.5 kms (51.2 miles)
Day 7: Carrion de los Condes-Leon
“It is a land full of treasures, of gold and silver, rich in wool and strong horses, and abounding in bread, wine, meat, fish, milk and honey. However, there are few trees…”
A few hills, but mostly plains, are what you will encounter today. As you approach the mesetas of Castilla y Leon, you get a few days of easy riding.

Carrion - Sahagun 37,6 kms
Sahagun- Burgo de Ranero 17,7 kms
Burgo de Raneros – Mansilla 18,6 kms
Mansilla- Leon 17,1 kms
Today’s ride: 91.6 kms (56 miles)
Day 8: Leon – Rest Day – No Schedule – Wake-up call not necessary!
León, a former capital of Spain, is well-known for its cathedral and the Basí¬lica de San Isidoro. Our Hotel is just a short distance from the cathedral and walking distance to everything in town. It also has a wonderful little Spa that offers massages and a Spa Circuit. We can’t think of a better way to spend a rest day!

Today’s ride: 0 kms (0 miles)
Day 9: Leon – Santa Colomba
Our ride takes us to Astorga, where we'll find Antonio Gaudi's neo-Gothic palace and the 15th century cathedral and we make time to visit a chocolate factory. We continue our ride passing by tiny hamlets and imagine what life was like for the pilgrims before us. We ride to the small town of Santa Colomba where we’ll be made to feel very much at home in this beautiful rustic Posada.

Leon- Villadangos 21,8 kms
Villadangos – Astorga 26,0 kms
Astorga – Santa Colomba 19,5 kms
Today’s ride: 67,3 kms (42 miles)
Day 10: Santa Colomba - Herrerias
The landscape becomes greener as we approach Galicia, which is also known as "Green Spain". We continue toward the hills that separate the provinces of Castilla y Leon and Galicia. Our destination today is Herrerias a small town on the fringe of Villafranca which was founded by French pilgrims as a place of absolution for those too weak or sick to continue their journey.

Santa Colomba-Ponferrada 32,0 kms
Ponferrada-Villafranca 23,3 kms
Villafranca-Herrerias 19,6 kms
Today's ride: 74,9 kms (46 miles)
Day 11: Herrerias – Portomarín
The last rolling hills of the Bierzo wine region! Later on we will ascend to the mountain pass of El Cebreiro, the divide between Castilla-Leon and Galicia. This beautiful hamlet of Celtic houses has a charming 9th century church, which houses what is said to be the Holy Grail. Galicia is a region with a culture that will remind you of Ireland – the Celtic music, it’s rolling hills and never ending green pastures. We ride downhill into Portomarin where our hotel overlooks the Minho River. Dinner together and a special treat from our host who will charm us with his traditional “queimada” to ensure we keep the bad spirits away. It’s all in fun, we’re in Galicia!

Herrerias-O’Cebreiro 8,2 kms
O’Cebreiro-Sarria 38,5 kms
Sarria-Portomarin 21,5 kms
Today’s ride: 68.2 kms (42.6 miles)
Day 12: Portomarin – Arzua
Our guests have commented that this is probably one of the prettiest rides. Rolling hills that take you into very green forests and at the end of the ride you arrive at a sycamore tree lined entrance into a three hundred year old manor house!

Portomarin-Palas de Rei 23.9 kms
Palas de Rei-Arzua 28.6 kms
Today’s ride: 52.5 kms (32.8 miles)
Day 13: Arzua- Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Our last ride together and as we follow the last yellow arrows into Santiago we have a few more pastures and meadows to enjoy. We arrive in Santiago and gather with all the other pilgrims, some of whom you’ve chatted with along the way. We have arrived! We take you for your Compostela and lead you to the incomparable Cathedral of St. James. If you would like to be present for the Pilgrim’s mass, remember that it is celebrated at noon and so you should plan your ride to arrive in time.
Tonight, we'll celebrate you and our journey's together with a great farewell dinner in our beautiful hotel. It has indeed been a “buen camino”.

Arzua-Santiago de Compostella 38,4 kms
Today’s Ride: 38,4 kms (24.0 miles)
Day 14: Tour ends in Santiago de Compostela, Spain Departures after Breakfast
Your guides will depart today after breakfast, but you have the entire day to explore Santiago de Compostela.

We wish you a great journey home and wherever the road may lead you. Buen camino!
2017 Dates
May 21 - June 03
June 11 - June 24
July 03 - July 16
Sept 04 - Sept 17

14 days/13 nights




What's Included
• All breakfasts
• 8 dinners
• Snacks along the way
• Customized hybrid bikes
• Bottled Water
• Support Vehicle
• 2 Bi-lingual Guides

Price : $4595.00

Arrive: Pamplona
Depart: Santiago

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