The Way… with Yoga


The Camino and Yoga

Taste of the Camino - The last 100 kilometers

Europe’s legendary pilgrimage takes us through the Spanish countryside, showing us its people, its food, it’s past and present until we reach Santiago de Compostela in Galicia. Add to this journey a Yoga mat and an extraordinary instructor and you have the ultimate Camino de Santiago!

Each day begins with an all levels yoga practice. Using the breath as our guide, vinyasa yoga transitions us smoothly from one posture to the next in a meditative seamless flow, connecting movement with the inhale and the exhale. We will focus on poses that complement our hiking…. sun salutations, hip openers, arm balances and core strengtheners. Evenings may find us winding down with yin yoga, restorative poses, gentle inversions and perhaps a guided meditation.

Our practice will open your mind and body to the events the day will bring. We than embark on our adventure through meadows and forests which will take us closer to our destination. At the end of the day we stretch and then dine in old world charm, in the company of our friends and other pilgrims.


2017 Dates

July               16-23  Sold out
October       02-09

8 days/7 nights



Our Walks
Average miles per day:

Varying terrain, narrow

What's Included
•Vegetarian Meals upon advanced request
•Support Vehicle
•Yoga Instruction with certified instructor

Year : 2017
Price : $2995.00
Extension : Varying terrain, narrow paths

Arrive: Leon
Depart: Santiago

Call for more information

772 564-0330