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When to go to Spain? Four seasons of travel

Spain offers a great deal to see and do all year long and its’ varying climate lends itself to any activity.

WINTER: Dec – mid-March
Andalusia offers the mildest weather in the winter.  For the rest of the country December to mid-March you should expect to wear a coat. It is the perfect time to visit the great cities; as there are fewer tourists and most airlines offer lower rates. Join us for one of the many festivals or come ski one of our many resorts.

SPRING: mid-March – May
Spring is one of the most pleasant times of the year to visit Spain. Daylight lingers and the temperatures are wonderful with warm days and cooler nights. Air fares are still reasonable and there are still less crowds. Hiking through meadows and biking on winding back roads make for the perfect Spain Adventure. There are many feasts during March and April adding to the local color and the warm weather brings the countryside back to life!

SUMMER: June – August
Now is the time to head North! It tends to be very hot in the South of Spain, which lends itself to great beach days and sitting on the coast at sunset. If sand and sun is your Spain plan, then let us take you to the “hot” spots of summer. If hiking or biking is more your pleasure, then this is the time to go north.

The Camino de Santiago which takes you through the cooler regions of summer awaits you!

AUTUMN: September – December
Like spring, autumn is an excellent time for a Spain Adventures tour. The hot summer months are over and there are also plenty of cultural activities to enjoy whether you choose the north or the south of Spain. Late autumn brings the risk of some rain, but it rarely causes us to stop our scheduled activities.

Autumn is the perfect time to plan trips in the wine regions of Spain as it is the harvest of the grapes and any tour that takes you through vineyards is sure to impress the wine enthusiast.