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Feasts and Events in Spain 2015

2015 Calendar of Feasts and Events throughout Spain.

Always something wonderful to participate in. Read below to see which of our tours coincides with any one of these festivals.

January 1:  New Year’s Day

January 6:  Epiphany (parades)

January 21- February 22 Carnaval Santa Cruz and Tenerife Canary Islands


February 28:  Day of Andalucía

March 19:  St. Joseph’s Day (Las Fallas – amazing displays of fireworks in


March 29–April 4:  Holy Week (Semana Santa; the most holy week in Spain,

beautiful processions throughout Spain)

April 5–6:  Easter (Pascua) Sunday and Monday

April 23:  St. George’s Day (special flower markets, Barcelona); Aragón/Castile and

León Day (Aragón and Castile and León)

April 21–26:  Feria de Abril (April Fair, Sevilla)

April 26–May 3:  Feria del Caballo (horse pageantry, Jerez)

May:  Bullfights and zarzuelas all month long (Madrid)

May 1:  May Day/Labor Day (closures)

May 2:  Dos de Mayo (Madrid)

June 4:  Corpus Christi

June–July:  Granada International Festival of Music and Dance

June 24:  Festival of St. John the Baptist (bonfires and fireworks,)

July 6–14:  Running of the Bulls (Pamplona)

July 25:  Feast Day of St. James (Santiago de Compostela)

August 15–21:  Gràcia Festival (Barcelona)

August 23-24:  Festival of St. Bartholomew (Sitges, festivities on the coast)

August 26:  Tomatina Festival (tomato-throwing melee/party, Buñol, near Valencia)

First week of September:  Festival of Pedro Romero (traditional costumes, music,

dance, parades in Ronda)

September 4–6:  Autumn Sherry Festival (Jerez, flamenco, bullfights)

September 21-26: TBA San Mateo Wine Festival (Rioja Wine Valley)

September 23:  Festival of St. Tecla (Sitges)

September 24:  La Mercé (parade, Barcelona)

September 25:  Little San Fermín (concerts and parades in Pamplona)

September 25–29:  Feria de San Miguel (bullfights, Sevilla)

December 31: Año Viejo (great party in Madrid, Midnight at town center)

Semana Santa in Seville

Traveling with a guide to Spain is a the way to go!

Our many years of experience selling only Spain as a destination and working with the most savvy travelers has helped Spain Adventures to learn what our guests really want when they travel.

“What can you tell us about your guides?” How will you expose us to the local color? and Why are your hotels unique?

Our guides are truly great travel companions. Every one of them is a Spaniard who has been formally trained in tourism. It would be difficult to find better traveling companions since they know every corner of where you are going on your particular tour. There is no better way to get to know a country than with someone who is passionate about where they live!

Exposure to local color only happens when you have firsthand knowledge of a culture and you stay away from the places listed in guide books. If it’s in a guide book it’s ok for a short visit, but very quickly you will find that it has turned commercial. Most savvy travelers leave home to find things different, not to find watered down and pre-fabricated experiences.

As for our unique accommodations and dining experiences, we have the pleasure of saying “been there, slept there, and eaten there”. We don’t know how many companies can truthfully say that. Over the years Spain Adventures has cultivated relationships, not just contracts with our providers. We know the owners and have watched them grow. When our guests arrive, they are treated as old friends and that makes all the difference when you travel.

We are always happy to address these concerns because unlike so many other so called experts, we have firsthand knowledge of all that we offer. A Spain Adventure will leave you wondering “Why did we wait so long to get to Spain”?