Travelling Teacher

I appreciate all of the hard work you put into the past two trips that we took with your company.  Spain Adventures really does offer a superior travel experience – I recommend you to anyone who would like to travel in Spain, because after traveling with your company, you can’t help but fall in love with the country.”  E. E., Teacher, MD  2013


Dear Edi Thank you a million times. It was the perfect, flawless trip of a lifetime. Your extensive & thorough planning, including the weather and selecting Hugo as our guide made this the perfect vacation with friends. Hugo was the ultimate, charming, handsome, conscientious host. The hotels were wonderful and the ride was beautiful.
Really this was the most wonderful & perfect adventure of a lifetime. Please send our best regards to Hugo. We absolutely love him.Thanks so muchJane-Seattle
PS; I am in DC on my way back to Seattle. So I continue to travel and spread the good word of your Spain Adventures


Thank you for making our trip a Spain Adventure!  The food has been superb, the wine exceptional, and the scenery has filled our hearts with a passion for the Spanish people and the country.  But most of all, we are pleased to have made new friends who have endeared themselves to us by sharing their love of the finest a country has to offer.  We will remember you always with a smile when we think of Espana and you!  Thank you, Muchas Gracias”   your friends   L&JCook, Texas


I am the owner of a health club in Vero Beach, FL.  Our trip was truly a “Spain Adventure”  as we traveled through one of the most beautiful countries in the world. We biked, did sightseeing tours, had countryside picnics and learned about the history and culture of such a special place.  Our group will keep the memories we made on this incredible trip forever.  Edi and her guides take care of all the arrangements so you can just “take in” the experience. It’s an adventure you’ll never forget. –Steve Wade


Hi Edi. Are you rested up yet? The kids are still raving about the trip and most have gotten over the shock of being back to the “norm.”  Nikki, the first day back, contacted her university and is planning on studying in Spain next December until?  All in all you already know it all was a great success!   Thanks again for a fabulous trip.    Ariel has updated the article and we will e-mail it to you and send a hard copy in case you would like to use it or just put it in your files.   We will start to plan our trip for this this coming fall. Besos to you and Christina.

John Methew

I just had to write and thank you for a wonderful, memorable vacation.  I can’t stop thinking about the wonderful places that we visited, the great places that we stayed, and the friendships that were started and hopefully will last.  Every time I think about this trip, it brings a smile to my face!! – I also can’t say enough about Olga and Pablo.  They were very accommodating and professional, and I feel very privileged to have spent time with them in their beautiful country. Thanks again for a great
trip and I’m looking forward to planning my next trip to Spain.