An Adventure….


In order to create our Adventures in Spain, we’ve followed Webster’s definition of an Adventure: “an undertaking of an exciting or remarkable experience”.  


A tour with Spain Adventures promises both the excitement of journeys through small colorful villages that are filled with the music, food and joy of its people; and the remarkable experiences of visiting castles cathedrals and the grand cities of Spain.


Our goal is for you to be a participant, not just a tourist.


Each Spain Adventures’ itinerary includes spectacular scenery, a journey through history, and many occasions to soak up the local color. Quiet back roads for biking, fields and meadows to hike in and after a day full of activity the finest accommodations and dining. Best of all you spend your days in Spain with exceptional traveling companions who have been leading tours for almost 19 years in their native land. The founder herself has led over 100 groups along the Camino! So, let us take you to the places we’ve discovered with map in hand, let us show you Spain!