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Spain Adventures is a company based in the U.S.A. and founded by a group of passionate Spaniards who are always eager to show you Spain the way it should be seen, “up close and in a personal way”. Since 1995, we have been leading guided tours of Spain along the charming back roads of this beautiful country. We’ll show you our favorite off the beaten path routes as well as the treasured cities of Spain. The Camino de Santiago, our signature tour, is presented in an authentic way, always maintaining the integrity and tradition of this journey, and providing incredible accommodations and dining experiences along the way. Our other adventures include biking tours through Andalusia, walking and biking tours along the Way of St. James, hiking the Canary Islands and Asturias. Our culinary tours in the Rioja wine region, tapas extravaganzas in Leon and wine tasting tours showcase the very best of Spain gastronomy. Spain Adventures’ photography tours and Ecotourism tours offer rare opportunities to witness nature at its best and protected species in their safeguarded environment. Remarkable opportunities to “experience Spain as a participant and not just a tourist” await you with Spain Adventures.

“Beautiful destinations in Spain with exceptional travel companions, that’s what Spain Adventures is!”

—E.E., Seattle, WA

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