Cancellation and Refund Policy

Trip Cancellation & Transfer Policy: If you must cancel your reservation, your cancellation fee will be determined according to the terms outlined in the chart below. Transfers to another trip or to a holding account for a future trip are only allowed before final payment, after which time our cancellation policy applies. If the new trip costs more than your original trip, you are responsible for paying the difference.

Transfer policy does not apply to Private or Custom Trips. Exceptions to our cancellation policy cannot be made for any reason, including; weather, terrorism, civil unrest or personal emergencies. There is no refund for arriving late or leaving a trip early.  There is no refund of deposit on custom tours.

95 days Final payment Final payment Final payment
Cancellations Penalty Penalty Penalty
61-96 days 50% 75% 75%
31-60 days 60% 100% 100%
0-30 days 100% 100% 100%

Custom Tours with a Special Departure have distinctive payment and cancellation policies; ask your Specialist for more details.

** Rather than paying the cancellation fee, you may choose to keep your trip deposit ($650) in a holding account to use on a future Spain Adventures trip with a two-year expiration date.

Once the official tour itinerary and hotel accommodations list have been issued, there will be no refund of $650.00 deposit.

Payments: $650.00 per person is required at the time of commitment.

A $250.00 Administration Fee will be deducted from any tour cancelled after initial deposit.

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