About Spain Adventures Tours

We look forward to guiding you on an unforgettable journey through Spain.

Our Goal at Spain Adventures: 

Is to provide each traveler with a carefully designed tour that emphasizes the charm of the country, the people, their traditions, and to capture the beauty of the landscape, which makes Spain unique.

About Our Spain Adventures Tours:

Our tours have been developed “on the road and on-site” which is what the founder says just before she heads off to Spain to create another tour. For 27 years we’ve listened and valued our guests’ testimonials so we can continue offering the most authentic travel experience.  You can be sure when you travel with Spain Adventures that when we say, “you are going to love this place” it’s because we have walked and ridden the route and been to the restaurants, and hotels, before you!

Spain Adventures Accommodations:

Are chosen because of their history and authenticity. Casas Rurales, castles, monasteries and manor houses are waiting for you at the end of the day to provide you with the charm of a day gone by and never sacrificing all the modern comforts.

The Cuisine On Our Spain Adventures Tours:

It is a celebration of color and adventure as we enjoy the treasures of the sea and land. One of the best ways to enjoy a country is to sample all the culinary delights. From the Rioja wines to the Basque cuisine heralded by the Wine Spectator as the new source of Europe’s most exciting wine and food, you’ll be delighted with the home-style cooking and our eclectic selections of local restaurants.

Our Guides at Spain Adventures:

Our crew of Spanish guides are truly our greatest asset! Their expertise and enthusiasm promise to keep the tour moving smoothly, every day, both on and off the road.

They are trained professionals and will  anticipate your every need. Their insight into local culture and customs add authenticity and an invaluable dimension to your adventure. You’ll love traveling with them. Contact us Today to Schedule a Tour.

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