The Mystical Camino


8 Days / 7 Nights

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Join Mari Beckman on this 1100-hundred-year-old path and explore natural places of energy.

Learn to connect to your higher self on our journey along the Camino de Santiago.

Our adventure in Spain takes you to sacred places both well-known and off the beaten path; to hallowed sites, churches, cathedrals, hermitages, and museums that awaken your spirit and take you on a route of sacred discoveries.

The Camino belongs to every individual and therefore takes on a personal meaning for each person. For some it is a place of spiritual discovery outside the structures of any church or religion. Therefore, this trek across Spain will be offered in a highly spiritual yet non-religious perspective. On this journey, you will encounter the mystical and the magical along with sacred ceremonies, meditations, healing experiences and much more.

Together, Mari and Edi bring a world of experience which will facilitate your journey along the Camino; Mari will be channeling to assist you with your own self-discoveries. “Everyone is intuitive. I will teach you how to recognize the signs and symbols that are presented before you from your higher self and guidance team. Your own beautiful guides and guardians wish to speak to you!”

Mari Beckman

Mari Beckman

Each morning we will meet briefly to set our self-intentions for the day’s walk, and in the evenings, we will have a channeling session to process our discoveries with assistance from the energy of St James. Channeling and teaching will be in English. At the same time Edi will guide the way with the legends, stories, and traditional rituals of the Camino.

Mari Beckman is a psychic, medium, master galactic healer, channel, author, teacher, and host of the “Metaphysical Meltdown” podcast from Tacoma, WA.

“I am a direct channel of spirit and my higher self. During a session, I tap into your energetic body and work with your higher self and your angels, guides, and divine beings to clear energetic blockages, adjust posture, assess pain and life issues past and present. During the healing, the chakras are balanced, and the auric field is cleared. I am able to contact souls on the other side and review past lives.”

Edi Picon

Edi Picon

Edi Picon, a Ph.D. in Spanish literature, has taught for more than 20 years. Sharing her experiences in a most passionate and enthusiastic manor will help you to open your minds to the legends and stories of the Camino de Santiago. Edi has walked or biked the Camino over 25 times, four of those journeys took her the entire 780 kilometers across Spain. She will guide you for the duration of the trip, assisting you to challenge yourself along the path and cheer you on to self-enlightenment.

“My life is about teaching, sharing and uniendo mundos, which means to bring worlds together.”

Join us on the experience of a lifetime and let the light of the Way of St James bring to your life the peace and purpose that you desire.

What’s Included

  • All Accommodations
  • Breakfast each day
  • Bilingual guides for the duration of tour
  • Water and snacks during route
  • Channeling sessions with Mari
  • All transfers in Spain within tour
  • Support vehicle

Price (per person)

$2,895.00 (airfare not included)

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Arrive / Depart

Arrive: Leon
Depart: Santiago

 2023 Tour Dates

Sept 23 –  30


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